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  Plus Size Resources

Read about blood sugar, cholesterol, homemade cosmetics, find salicylate free strategies and more.


Animal Issues and Resources

YouTube - Steve Irwin: How I'd Like to be Remembered

Ebola Has Killed 5,000 Gorillas, Study Suggests - AOL News

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Buy directly through the National Fibromyalgia Research Association.  The money raised by the sale of these bracelets will be used 100% for research, education and public awareness with no administrative costs deducted.

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Informative Articles
Read about and find tools for a variety of subjects, such as massage, magnetic therapy, blood sugar disorders and cellulite treatments.  Find supplements and information for cholesterol, blood sugar control, detoxification, colon cleansing and more.  Find low carbohydrate diet resources.  Learn about how to make your own cosmetics or how to pack for a trip.  Check out our plus size section for an extensive list of resources for plus size clothes, slimming fashion tips, support groups, medical issues and more.  Check the box in the left side panel to access our list of articles or browse around the site for even more information. 

Animal Testing Free products.  Also look for any combination of *Sal-FreeTM (salicylate free), Fragrance Free or Hypo-Allergenic products
We list a large selection of cosmetics and supplements that are manufactured by companies who do not use animal testing (unless required by law).  In addition, we have an extensive list of Salicylate Free (Sal-FreeTM) cosmetics and supplements (explained below).  Also find Fragrance Free/Unscented and Hypo-Allergenic/Allergy Tested products with the click of your mouse. 

Great prices, sales, coupons and more convenient shopping
We hope to minimize the time, energy and money that you need to expend on shopping.  We list many merchants who offer exceptional prices.  Check our sales and coupons by accessing the box in the right side panel for free shipping, special coupons and sales!

Cruelty Free

At Web Shop Emporium, we check every manufacturer of our cosmetics  and supplements to ensure that they do not use animal testing. We will not list any product that is manufactured by a company that does animal testing not required by law. If you notice any discrepancy with this policy, please notify us by clicking here.

Purchase Sal-Free TM (salicylate free) cosmetics and supplements on-line. 

Trying to follow the guaifenesin protocol for Fibromyalgia, Vulvodynia, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFIDS) or perhaps you have a salicylate intolerance or allery?  We can help you find the products that you need to be successful.  We provide listings of *Sal-FreeTM (Salicylate free) supplements and cosmetics, that can be purchased on-line, for those who need to avoid salicylates.  If after searching our database, you don't find what you need, we invite you to submit a product request and we will do our best to find it for you.

We have personally checked every product to ensure that they are
*Sal-Free TM

Please send any suggestions that you feel would enhance your shopping experience at Web Shop Emporium to:  webmaster@webshopemporium.com

We will be continually expanding our offerings so please come back and visit often!  Happy shopping!

*Sal-FreeTM and *Sal-SafeTM are trademarked terms and are used with the permission of Tesa Marcon of the Guai-Support Group


Sales, Coupons and Deals

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Shipping Information
This symbol indicates that a merchant/product only ships to the USA. Some merchants only ship to parts of the USA so please check to make sure that the product you are interested in ships to your area.  All other merchants/products ship to other countries besides the US.

For further information about a particular merchant's shipping policy, please click here

Warning:  Some merchants have limited international shipping so even though they state that they ship international, they may not ship to your country.  Check individual web sites for specific shipping details.

Sal-Free TM
refers to salicylate free. Purchase salicylate free products on-line by choosing the appropriate option button at the top of the search pages.

 Sal-freeTM Cosmetics

 Sal-freeTM Supplements

Sal-freeTM soap bases

Sal-FreeTM Gifts

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