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Read about blood sugar, cholesterol, homemade cosmetics, find salicylate free strategies and more.

Sleep deprivation and Weight-Gain

Leptin May Control Sweet Tooth

Exercise Lowers So-Called 'Fat' Hormone


Plus Size News

News articles that relate to plus size issues. 

ScienceDaily: Common Virus May Contribute To Obesity In Some People
Scientists are reporting new evidence that infection with a common virus may be a contributing factor to the obesity epidemic sweeping through the United States and other countries.

BBC NEWS | Health | Did microwaves 'spark' obesity?
Microwaves may be to blame for kick-starting the obesity epidemic, a UK scientist suggests.

ScienceDaily: Disease Of Older Adults Now Seen In Young, Obese Adults
Acute diverticulitis, a disease traditionally seen in patients older than 50 years old, is now being seen in younger adults who are obese, according to a study conducted by the University of Maryland Medical Center's department of radiology in Baltimore, MD.

Science & Technology at Scientific American.com: Obesity doubles risk of blindness, says report
LONDON (Reuters) - Britain's increasing number of obese adults and children face twice the risk of losing their sight from a range of degenerative eye conditions, a report from the Royal National Institute of the Blind said on Wednesday.

Fat Factors - New York Times
"In exchange for agreeing to be hospitalized for three months so scientists could study them, Janet and the other obese research subjects (30 in all) each received a free intestinal bypass. During the three months of presurgical study, the dietitian on the research team calculated how many calories it should take for a 5-foot-6-inch woman like Janet to maintain a weight of 348. They fed her exactly that many calories — no more, no less. She dutifully ate what she was told, and she gained 12 pounds in two weeks — almost a pound a day....

Now a third wave of obesity researchers are looking for explanations that don’t fall into the relatively easy ones of genetics, overeating or lack of exercise. They are investigating what might seem to be the unlikeliest of culprits: the microorganisms we encounter every day."

Obesity May Up Physical Pain Reaction
"March 1, 2006 -- Obesity may heighten physical reaction to pain, according to a new study."

ScienceDaily News: Obesity Not A Personal Failing, But A Battle Against Biology
"While answers are beginning to emerge as to why so many of us are obese, there can be no meaningful discussion on this subject until we resist the impulse to assign blame," writes Friedman, who led the laboratory team that discovered the obesity hormone leptin in 1995

Obesity/Overweight/Fitness News & Articles from Medical News Today
The latest obesity/overweight/fitness news and obesity/overweight/fitness articles published daily from Medical News Today.

MedlinePlus: Overweight? Don't Diet, Researchers Say
A two-year study of obese women who had been chronic dieters found that women who went through a program that focused not on weight loss, but on self-acceptance and a healthy lifestyle, showed long-term declines in their cholesterol levels and blood pressure even though they did not lose weight..

Royal College of Physicians Obesity News
Documents and links related to the College's activities on obesity.

Obesity can cost you your teeth
Excess weight causes insulin resistance and insulin resistance  A study found that the severity of periodontal attachment loss increased proportionally with increasing insulin resistance.

Obese Appear Less Likely to Receive Preventive Health Care
Duke University researchers find that obese people are less likely to receive preventive services such as mammograms, Pap smears and flu shots.

BBC NEWS | Health | Men 'in denial' over weight gain
Official statistics show that 65% of adult men are overweight or obese, but the survey of over 2,000 men found only 40% thought they were in these groups.

Women's weight found to affect job, income - The Boston Globe - Boston.com - Nation - News
Weight can have startling consequences for women's financial well-being, careers, and marriage prospects, according to research that found that women -- but not men -- suffer economic harm from being overweight.

RedNova News - Health - Being Normal or Obese is All in the Measuring
In spite of one study that says those who are a bit overweight might live longer than those who are "normal weight," you still need to know where you stand - are you within your healthy weight range, overweight or obese?

More discrimination directed toward obese shoppers than toward average-weight shoppers
Sales clerks tend to subtly discriminate against overweight shoppers but treat them more favorably if they perceive that the individual is trying to lose weight, according to a study by Rice University researchers.

Metroactive News & Issues | Plus-Size Marketing
Once upon a time the only products marketed to the obese were dieting aids. Today, retailers, manufacturers and health clubs are latching on to the growing plus-size market--one that's here to stay.

CNN.com - Companies ask Medicare to cover more obesity surgery
The Centers for Medicare and Medicare Services (CMS) said it will consider the request and is seeking public comment on the surgery, which shrinks the stomach by removing part of it or implanting a removable band.

USATODAY.com - Obesity threatens life expectancy
Obesity could shorten the average lifespan of an entire generation — today's children — by two to five years, according to a controversial new life-expectancy analysis.

Obesity surgery has other benefits / Study finds it can alleviate diabetes, lower cholesterol
Stomach reduction and gastric bypass surgery not only help the extremely obese lose weight, but they also can alleviate Type 2 diabetes and return high cholesterol levels to normal, according to a new study reported today in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

CNN.com - Yoga is for everyone, says plus-size instructor
An interview with plus size person and plus size yoga instructor, Megan Garcia.  She adjusts the yoga poses to make it easier for plus size people.  A really interesting interview.

Obesity spreads among the rich
One study indicates that obesity is rising fastest amoung American's that earn more than 60,000 per year.  Partly to blame are increased eating out.


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