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Resources for the Guaifenesin Treatment for Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Vulvodynia and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

Books About the Guaifenesin Protocol

Read about blood sugar, cholesterol, homemade cosmetics, find salicylate free strategies and more.

Sal-FreeTM(Salicylate Free)  Cosmetics

Sal-FreeTM (Salicylate Free) Supplements

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Salicylate Intolerance, sensitivity and allergy information and links

Abstract: guaifenesin enhances the analgesic potency of paracetamol in mice

Awareness bracelet developed by the National Fibromyalgia Research Association to promote FM and raise public consciousness.
Buy directly through the National Fibromyalgia Research Association.  The money raised by the sale of these bracelets will be used 100% for research, education and public awareness with no administrative costs deducted.

Low Carb Links

Plus Sizes and Links

Guaifenesin 600 (600 mg, 100 tablets)

  Guaifenesin FA (400 mg, 100 oblong tablets)


Mucinex Expectorant, Bi-Layer Tablets, 100 tablets

Mucinex Expectorant, Bi-Layer Tablets, 500 tablets

Kirkland 220 Tabs 400 mg Guaifenesin Expectorant Mucus Thinner Compare to Active Ingredients in Mucinex


 I Remember Me

 Fibromyalgia: Show Me Where It Hurts DVD

Guaifenesin - Summary of Interactions with Vitamins, Herbs, and Foods

Dr. St. Amand's Response in Regards to the Fibromyalgia Network Newsletter Article About Guaifenesin

What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Fibromyalgia : The Revolutionary Treatment That Can Reverse The Disease
Phosphate (0.0 - 5.0PPM) Test Kit

A Consumer's Dictionary of Cosmetic Ingredients : Fifth Edition

Don't Go to the Cosmetics Counter Without Me

Milady's Skin Care and Cosmetic Ingredients Dictionary

What's in Your Cosmetics?: A Complete Consumer's Guide to Natural and Synthetic Ingredients

Why Is Mommy Staying in Bed Again Today?
100% of proceeds support the Fibromyalgia Treatment Center
Illustrated book makes educating kids about FM easy

Rite Aid Instant Hand Sanitizer with Moisturizers

eMedicine - Hypophosphatemia : Article by Jeffrey L Arnold, MD, FACEP

Devin Starlanyl On Medications For Fibromyalgia

Guaicum treatment for Syphilis
Lyme disease is a spirochete similar to syphilis.  Some think that guai might work for fibromyalgia because it is working on a spirochete infection like lyme.  For more information, see:

Chronic Lyme Disease is a Frequent Cause of Fibromyalgia and CFS

Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Resource

The Role of Infection in Initiating ME/CFS


*Sal-FreeTM  (Salicylate Free) Products

We provide listings of current *Sal-FreeTM  Cosmetics and  Supplements that can be purchased online for those who need to avoid salicylates.  Some people have a salicylate intolerance, sensitivity or allergy (see warnings below), while others are on medications such as guaifenesin for fibromyalgia and need to avoid salicylates in order for their medication to be effective.  All of our cosmetics and supplements are cruelty free

You may choose to look at all of our supplements and cosmetics or only those that are *Sal-Free
TM by choosing the appropriate options in the supplements or cosmetics databases.  Clicking on the product link will take you to the merchant site where you can buy the product.

First and foremost, our goal is to provide a listing of safe (i.e. Sal-Free
TM salicylate free) products that can be purchased online.  We take the matter of salicylates very seriously because we understand that for many people, including ourselves, the avoidance of salicylates is critical to our health. 

We have carefully checked every product listed at Web Shop Emporium and have listed each product's salicylate status in accordance with the Guai-Support Group's  salicylate rulings using the Guai-Support Group's terminology.  If there are differences between The Guai-Support Group rulings and Dr. St. Amand's rulings, notes alerting users to those differences are included in the comments of the product so that users can easily see that there are differences.  We include this information so that anyone who wants to follow Dr. St. Amand's rulings can easily do so.  We also include links for those who want more information about the differences in rulings and the research that led to those differences.  Read more about why there are differences in salicylate rulings.

The Guai-Support Group's salicylate status of ingredients are based on 8 years of extensive research into individual ingredients as well as taking into consideration credible feed-back of blocking reports from Dr. St. Amand and the Guai-Support group on-line members.  The Guai-Support Group are conservative in their rulings because many people are not being mapped and cannot always tell when they are reversing their progress. They make every effort to document all credible reports of blocking and to note any ingredient where research is not definitive as to it's salicylate status so that users can be aware that if they are not progressing, there are things to look at and try in order to further progress on the protocol.

You will find detailed documentation regarding research and blocking reports on The Guai-Support Group website.  While disclosure of all known information can make the protocol appear more complicated than following simple rules, this information has proven to be very useful, particularly for those individuals who may not be progressing on the protocol as expected.

Ensure that you are purchasing a *Sal-FreeTM product.

 For *Sal-FreeTM products, we list the ingredients that were shown on the merchant website at the time the product was approved.   Although we make every effort to list products only from merchants that keep their websites up to date, we cannot guarantee that a merchant website will be correct or up to date for every product that they sell.  The majority of on-line merchants have liberal return policies but if you have any difficulty, please let us know and we will do our best to help you get a satisfactory result.

Product ingredients change, so to be safe, please double check the ingredients on our website with the ingredients on the merchant website.  If they are different, please notify Web Shop Emporium and we will check the ingredients for you or you can check the new ingredients yourself with the
Guai-Support Sal-Free TM (salicylate free) ingredient list .  We would appreciate it if you would notify Web Shop Emporium of any changes so we can update the website with the new information. Once you receive your product, prior to opening the package, please check the ingredients against our website to ensure that they are the same.  If they are not the same, please notify Web Shop Emporium with the product name and the new list of ingredients and we will check them for you and let you know if they are OK.  If they are not OK, you should be able to return your un-opened package for a refund.  Again, if you have any difficulty, please don't hesitate to ask for help.

We understand that it can be difficult to find appropriate products.  If you are looking for a product and can't find it, please feel free to complete our product request form and we will be happy to find it for you.  We will continually be adding new products to our database so please check back often.

Why are there differences in salicylate rulings?
The Guai-Support Group  has helped the majority of the long time guai users get better. They were instrumental in determining the salicylate status of most of the ingredients that are now on commonly used lists of salicylate free and Sal-FreeTM ingredients.

At one time, the Guai-Support group research, combined with Dr. St. Amand's mapping results were used to determine the salicylate status of an ingredient. If a map appeared to be reversing or to show a lack of progress, the search for a possible blocker would begin. A likely blocker would be identified and noted as a probable blocker and people would begin to avoid using it.  Unfortunately, maps are not very specific in their ability to determine whether a certain ingredient is a salicylate or not because there can be more than one ingredient in question. In addition, there are other issues that affect maps and progress, such as the guai product issues or possibly the cytochrome issue that Dr. St. Amand has recently decided may be a factor in maps and progress.

In the past, some ingredients have been ruled to be a salicylate based on mapping.   It was not uncommon for a patient to later discover that they were actually blocking on a different ingredient.  It's also possible that they weren't blocked at all but that their guaifenesin product was not being absorbed properly or they may have had a cytochrome issue.   Unfortunately, in some of those instances, the ingredient that was thought to be the blocker likely remains under suspicion and on the list of blockers.

The reason that you will see differences between Dr. St. Amand's rulings and The Guai-Support group rulings is because Dr. St. Amand goes by his mappings to determine the status of ingredients and the Guai-Support group now look at the molecular structure of an ingredient as well as using all of the same tools that have been used in the past such as extensive research with manufacturers, scientists, chemists, blocking reports, mapping results etc.. 

In reality, there are a very small percentage of differences in the salicylate status of ingredients between Dr. St. Amand and The Guai-Support group. In some cases, Guai-Support research has found that some ingredients that are approved by Dr. St. Amand may not be OK for those that are sensitive to salicylates. For example, Dr. St. Amand states that all homeopathic products are extremely dilute and thus safe to use. Even though the notion that all homepathics are extremely dilute is a commonly held myth, considerable research with homeopathic manufacturers, compounding pharmacies, homeopathic regulatory agencies and a homeopathic doctor make it clear that this is not the case. For example, a homeopathic cream of 1X contains a very strong herbal tincture for 10% of it's volume. There is reasonable concern that this could block some people. 
Determining The Sal-Status of Homeopathic Medications
Salicylates in Homeopathic Strengths

In some cases, Dr. St. Amand feels that certain ingredients will block based on mapping results, even though the ingredient is a single chemical that has been extracted and the molecular structure of the ingredient is not a salicylate. In those cases, the Guai-Support Group has noted that the ingredient is actually Sal-FreeTM but that there may be concerns about it's safety due to possible contamination issues. Here is an example of this situation with  menthol:
Menthol explained
Read more about contamination issues.

It is often the case that users report possible blocking with an ingredient that Dr. St. Amand does not feel is a problem.  If The Guai-Support Group receives credible reports of blocking, they will note such information on their site so that a user can see that others have reported possible problems and if they are not progressing, they can consider discontinuing it's use. One example of this are possible contamination issues with the ingredient Phytantriol but there are many other examples of ingredients that may be a problem but that are not considered to be a problem by Dr. St. Amand.  Dr. St. Amand has always stressed that it is important to keep the protocol as simple as possible.

The goal of anyone on the guai protocol is to get better.  The philosophy of the Guai-Support group is to provide as much information to users as is available so as to allow those who are not progressing the opportunity to view all that is known about various ingredients, guaifenesin products etc.  This philosophy has not been embraced by the originators of the guaifenesin protocol but it has proven helpful to many who would have fallen through the cracks without this knowledge. 

Requirements for those who must avoid salicylates due to a sensitivity or allergy are different than those needed for the guaifensin protocol.  Our product listings follow the salicylate rulings of the Guai-Support Group and are for those following the guaifenesin protocol.  Some ingredients that are OK on the guaifensin protocol are not appropriate for those with an allergy or sensitivity.  For example, yellow dye is commonly found in cosmetic products and is fine for those on the guaifensin protocol however it could be a problem for those with an allergy or sensitivity. If you have a salicylate allergy or sensitivity, please be aware of your particular needs and double check the ingredients to ensure that you are not using something that is a problem for you.  If you have questions, please check this page for resources:
Salicylate Intolerance, sensitivity and allergy information and links or contact us with your specific question.


*Sal-FreeTM and *Sal-SafeTM are trademarked terms and are used with the permission of Tesa Marcon of the Guai-Support Group

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